The Sense Devices.
A building scientist in
the palm of your hand.

Small Hardware.
Doing Big Things.

PassiveLogic Sense devices allow you to gather deep occupant and building insights for accurate, adaptive comfort. Sensing for autonomous control, made fast and simple.


Sense Nano.
The first truly wire-free sensor.

  • One Minute Install

  • Solar-Powered

  • Wireless Networking

  • Minimal Design

  • Seven Sensors in One


Track It

All sensor data reports automatically back to your Hive in real time. Data is aggregated from every zone, occupant, and sensor measurement to create a comfort-based future control path for your building — adjusting comfort dynamics automatically as conditions change.


Human Centered

If you have been running, your metabolic rate increases and you get hotter. PassiveLogic predicts this change in physiology, then factors the radiant temperature, current humidity, and air movement to compute the perfect comfort path to control your occupied zone.


Effortless Networking

All your Sense devices effortlessly communicate over a self-configured Bluetooth BLE mesh wireless network. Commission a sensor in seconds — it will wake up and automatically take care of the rest of the networking.


Super Easy Install

Without wires, the Sense Nano can be installed in under a minute. Now you can finally set up large networks of sensors with minimal effort, and get the data you’ve always wanted from your building.


Location-Based Comfort

PassiveLogic is human comfort driven. Building managers can enable individual occupant accounts for personalized comfort, or use per-zone settings. Users can access detailed settings right on the Hive screen, from a browser, or from mobile on Quantum Passsport.