Quantum Lens.
Scan Digital Twins.

Scan in Minutes.
Digital Twins Made Easy.

Create an accurate and fully defined digital twin using technology that’s in your pocket. Then use that digital twin to design, build, operate, and manage your projects with the PassiveLogic ecosystem.


Scan to Digital Twin. 
Capture Your World.

Point and Shoot.
Get Quantum Digital Twins.

Making digital twins should be easy. Quantum Lens utilizes the lidar scanning tech in your smartphone to allow you to point and shoot around a space to capture a digital twin. All scan elements are linked to a fully defined Quantum data model.

digital twins
built for-installers

Capture Points of Interest.
Log Important Info.

As you scan, you can select any object in your view to become a point of interest. That POI becomes a saved location in space, with any notes you want to include, that is tracked along with everything else in the Quantum digital twin model.

Scan Anytime.
Capture Only What Matters.

Quantum Lens takes raw scan data and automatically generates a processed digital twin with only the information that matters. So you can scan a building anytime — no occupant scheduling or building cleanup required. Quantum Lens will even shore up the angles and geometry for you as a scan is completed.


Commission on Your Phone. 
Digital Twins on the go.

built for-installers

Secure Wireless Networks.
Patented Self-Assembly.

If you want to get more specific than the auto site generator, you can build your own custom location. Specify your own terrain and landscape, generate foliage such as trees and shrubs, and add surrounding buildings to make a fully specialized site simulator

Every Building.
Any Use Case.

We don’t care how big your building is, or what it’s used for. If you have your phone, you can scan it — and PassiveLogic’s entire ecosystem of hardware is similarly designed to scale for any size or complexity of project.

digital twins

Analytics AR. 
Insights Embedded in Reality.

built for-installers

Augmented Inspection.
Real-time Information.

Quantum Lens isn’t just useful for initial scans. It is also your augmented inspection assistant during operation. Walk around your site with Quantum Lens and see real-time information around you informed by your digital twin. Sensor and equipment maintenance has never been easier.

Location Trilateration.
Accurate Tracking.

Quantum Lens communicates with PassiveLogic sensor networks to accurately pinpoint the location and track information about components of the digital twin model. Now you can keep a running log of every equipment, and organize that information specifically within a precise 3D spatial model. No more inspections on paper and clipboards.

digital twins

Portfolio Management. 
In the Palm of your Hand.

Digital Twin Handoff.
Secure Data Management.

Leverage your smartphone as a way to securely update information between your projects and data in the cloud. For fully air-gapped control systems, your phone becomes the proxy that keeps the cloud and the system in sync. You’re in full control of when data transfer occurs.

digital twins
built for-installers

End to End Workflow.
From Concept to Reality.

The entire Passivelogic ecosystem is integrated via QuantumSync. Your digital twin is available and up to date no matter which PassiveLogic application you are using. Scan your building, then work with multiple collaborators to seamlessly move from scan to design to operation to maintenance.