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The world of autonomy changes forever.

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Any Application. Control Your World.

Every building. Every system. All at once.

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The real world is complex. There are dozens of systems in every application.
Solve the puzzle and coordinate control across your interwoven reality.

Built on Digital Twins.
From the Ground Up.

Quantum™ digital twins bring life to autonomous systems.
With the fusion of deep learning and physics, Quantum enables new ways to design, control, and collaborate. With digital twins, we can connect our workflows enabling your team to ideate, automate, and inspect — all in real-time.

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The Future is Now.
Redefining the Next 100 Years of Automation.

Buildings are the containers of the modern economy. Yet under the hood, most building management systems (BMS) are the same 1880s thermostatics and 1930s-style proportional control systems, with1970s procedural programming.

Impossible to tune, rarely optimized, and siloed from other systems.
PassiveLogic changes the game.

We Solve Buildings.
The Most Complex Robotics Challenge.

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A single building can have tens of thousands of IoT devices, sensors, and equipment — making them the world’s most challenging controlled systems. Buildings are orders of magnitude more complex than industrial robots or autonomous vehicles.

Wrangle complexity with real-time intelligence at the edge.

Future-Forward Control.
Thinks First, Then Acts.

Introducing the first real automation revolution in decades.

No more static sequences or manually-coded assumptions — just objectively better control.

PassiveLogic simulates the future implications of every control action. Utilizing an incredibly fast on-board physics engine, our system analyzes millions of sequence futures every second before executing the most optimal control path.

A Platform for Buildings. Disguised as a BMS.


PassiveLogic starts with the fundamental requirement — a control system — and embeds a complete autonomous platform. It's like having a superhero on every project.

Built on Quantum digital twins, PassiveLogic systems require less effort than a conventional BMS yet provide a myriad of solutions not previously available to buildings.

real time-autopilot
Real intelligence, real insight, and really simple,
right at the edge, inside your building.
Not just a cloud bolt-on to dumb controls.

Fully Autonomous.
(Truly) Intelligent.

Today's “smart buildings“ aren't smart at all — just connected. Expensive cloud add-ons promise to upgrade your control system yet only deliver low-value results, reduced reliability, and require more integration effort. No, thanks. 

PassiveLogic is the first truly intelligent building ecosystem that addresses every part of the technology stack — providing control based on the laws of physics, not arbitrary set-points or linear controls. And because we deploy at the edge, no internet connection is required.

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built for-installers

Designed for Everyone.
Built for Installers.

Whether you’re the owner, operator, architect, engineer, contractor, or ESCO, PassiveLogic solves your building’s challenges and makes the installer's job fun. Everybody wins.

We’ve reimagined every aspect of automation, making your projects simple, fast, and error-free with a price comparable to traditional systems.

real time-autopilot
We put automation in reach of every building.
Autopilot eliminates manual programming, saving hundreds of man-hours on every project.

Every Building.
Any Use Case.

New construction or retrofit, PassiveLogic is scalable from coffee shops to skyscrapers.

Whether your project requires a sensor network, an analytics upgrade, a digital worksite process, or an energy retrofit, PassiveLogic provides a complete autonomous building platform that exceeds expectations with a fraction of the effort.

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Tackling the Climate Crisis.
Smart Cities Need Autonomous Buildings.

Buildings produce about 40% of all emissions. Reducing this impact requires that buildings manage energy better individually and together.

climat crisis

Save 30% on Energy.
On 100% of Your Buildings.

Our pilot projects show energy savings of around 30% through implementing better system control, while better meeting the needs of building operators and occupants.

By enabling peer-to-peer building energy networks, PassiveLogic can also make the grid more stable and resilient. When autonomous buildings work as one coordinated fleet, they can trade energy in real-time to avoid dangerous spikes in demand.

Human-Centric Buildings.
Personalized Comfort.

Buildings should be designed for people, but traditional systems only adjust based on air temperature — just 20% of the information needed to fully define human comfort. PassiveLogic is the first platform that truly understands humans by leveraging physiological digital twins of occupants across additional metrics such as humidity, light levels, radiant temperature, and even clothing.

Using our Quantum Passport application, building occupants can define their own comfort preferences right on their smartphones. These preferences can then travel with the user to any PassiveLogic-enabled building they visit.

human centric-peoples
every building-every-stakeholder

Transparent Governance.
Auto-Tracking & Benchmarking.

With PassiveLogic, building managers have access to any status on any system at any time — gone are the days of scheduling long, arduous audits. Quickly access and analyze any part of the facility control system, make real-time adjustments, and pull verified system reports to meet ESG regulatory standards and stakeholder demands. Maintaining transparency and proving compliance has never been easier.

Digital Twin Verification.
No Hand-Waving.

A Quantum digital twin serves as a project’s source of truth throughout its entire life. The digital twin can be leveraged to compare current build conditions to the intended design at any point throughout the process. For example, if a high-efficiency pump is installed, a Quantum digital twin of the pump provides a benchmark for verified operation in the field, guaranteeing the intended outcome from the upgrade. Utility incentives and efficiency certifications become painless with the ability to instantly and continuously generate system verifications with your Quantum digital twin.

If It's Defined by Physics,
You Can Automate It.

Physics is the fundamental language of the universe, and the Quantum digital twin standard provides the framework to speak it fluently. The rules of physics are true no matter the industry, application, or use case, which means there’s no limit to what can be automated.