The World’s First Platform for
Generalized Autonomy.

Democratizing AI, empowering everyone to design the future.

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Any Application.
Control Your World.

Integrate any combination of applications into a fully coordinated system.

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The built world is full of many different types of systems, all trying to
independently operate, often with no context of the interconnected reality. PassiveLogic solves this puzzle to integrate any combination of processes — for coordinated,
seamless control across all systems.

Intuitive Software.
A Reinvented Workflow.

Buildings are complicated. But with the right software, making them Autonomous is easy. Our tools are simple to pick up immediately, but deep enough to satisfy even the most advanced users.

A Complete Ecosystem.
Autonomy for Everyone.

Systems are complex. PassiveLogic’s complete toolkit manages this complexity, enabling any person to design and control their own autonomous system. Simply draw, don’t code; eliminate weeks of manual programming with PassiveLogic’s generative design engine.

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Built on Digital Twins.
From the Ground Up.

Quantum is the first digital twin standard for defining the existential purpose of things — using the universal language of physics. These digital twins describe the fundamental utility for each component in a system, to answer questions such as “What is my role?”, “What do I do?”, and “What am I connected to?”. With this self-awareness embedded, Quantum Digital Twins make systems fully autonomous.

Digital Twins from the ground up

If It’s Defined by Physics.
You Can Automate It.

Physics is the fundamental language of the universe. And the Quantum Digital Twin Standard provides the framework for you to speak the language fluently. The same rules of physics are true no matter the industry, application, or use case — which means there is no limit to what can be automated with PassiveLogic.

We solve buildings.
The World’s Most Complex Robotics Challenge.

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Managing buildings is the most complex robotics challenge on earth. The control state space for buildings is truly next level — having as much as a million sensors, IoT devices, and control points — autonomous vehicles and industrial robotics have only dozens.

Fully Autonomous. One Platform.

Automation for the whole building life cycle.

Using Autonomy Studio™ you have the power to create custom autonomous systems for your buildings and projects. PassiveLogic provides a full-stack solution including the tools to design, engineer, install, maintain, and manage… All from one powerful, blazingly fast hardware and software package.


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Real-Time Autopilot

Deep physics-informed AI optimizes your whole building in real-time. Continuous commissioning means you don’t spend weeks tuning and tweaking to meet constantly changing set points.

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Deep Digital Twins

PassiveLogic's revolutionary building platform has a Quantum Digital Twin foundation — bringing physics knowledge to your building workflow and intelligence to automation.

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Distributed Intelligence

Hive controllers work together in swarms — a powerful supercomputer right inside your building. Just daisy-chain Hive controllers together, and they'll do the rest.


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pointer finger drawing

Just Draw

Draw or upload your system schematics and floor plans, and Autonomy Studio will transform them into building controls. The Hive will design its own control topology and interfaces, automatically point-map, and generate accurate sensor fusion. No programming needed.

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90% Reduced Labor

The Hive controller combines all your automation needs into one pre-manufactured control panel — Cell modules, setup interface, user access point, power supply, and bussing. PassiveLogic reduces install time by half, and project time by 90%.

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Self Commissioning

The Hive controller automatically commissions with underlying physics system knowledge and can shorten your commissioning time by 90%.


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Whole Building Control

Using its incredibly fast on-board physics engine, the Hive intelligently generates and analyzes millions of control sequence futures every second (based on changing building dynamics), then selects only the most optimal control given the current conditions.

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Any Building Complexity

Buildings are complicated and messy — they come with endless topologies. PassiveLogic is built for the real world, for real installers and is infinitely configurable for any building.

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Architectural Guarantees

Preserve design intent throughout the whole building lifecycle with one digital twin source of truth. No more handing off paper and games of telephone that inevitably lose information along the way.

The Future is Now.
Redefining the Next 100 Years of Automation.

Buildings are the container of the economy. And yet, most Building Management Systems under the hood are the same old 1880s thermostatics, 1930s style proportional control systems, and 1970s procedural programming…impossible to tune, never optimized, and siloed from other systems. PassiveLogic throws all of this out of the window and changes the game.

A Platform for Buildings. Disguised as a BMS.

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PassiveLogic starts with the fundamental requirement — a control system — and embeds a complete Autonomous Platform for Buildings. It's like having a superhero on every project.

Built on Quantum Digital Twins, PassiveLogic systems require 90% less effort than a conventional Building Management System (BMS) — yet provide a whole value-chain of solutions not previously possible.

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Real intelligence, real insight, and really simple — all right at the “edge” inside of your building — not just a cloud bolt-on to conventional dumb controls.

Fully Autonomous.
(Truly) Intelligent.

Today's “smart buildings“ aren't smart at all — just connected. Expensive cloud add-ons that promise to “un-dumb“ your control system can only provide low-value results and reduced reliability, all at the cost of more integration effort. No thanks.

PassiveLogic's platform is the first truly intelligent building system. We automate automation, providing a fully autonomous BMS that controls your building based on the laws of physics, not arbitrary set-points or linear controls. No internet connection required.

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designed for-everyone

Designed for Everyone.
Built for Installers.

PassiveLogic solves your building challenges — whether you are an owner, operator, architect, engineer, contractor, or ESCO — all while making the installer's job downright fun. Everybody wins.

At PassiveLogic we reimagined every aspect of automation, making your projects simple, fast, and error free — at a price comparable to old-school thermostatics.

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PassiveLogic's affordable plug-and-play platform puts automation in reach of every building. Autopilot eliminates manual programming and commissioning, saving hundreds of hours on every project.

Every Building.
Every Stakeholder.

New construction or retrofit, PassiveLogic scales throughout all types and sizes of buildings.

Whether your building project requires a sensor network, an analytics upgrade, a digital worksite process, or an energy retrofit — PassiveLogic provides a complete Autonomous Building Platform at the price of a point solution, with a fraction of the effort.

every building-every-stakeholder

Future Forward Control.
Thinks First. Then Acts.

Introducing the first real revolution in automation in over 100 years: future-forward control. Think of it like a crystal ball for your automation system.

Each control sequence is intelligently generated in real-time based on changing building dynamics and future conditions. No more static sequences or manual coded assumptions — just objectively better control.

PassiveLogic's decision engine analyzes the future implications of every control action before applying it. With an incredibly fast on-board physics engine, PassiveLogic analyzes millions of sequence futures every second — before selecting the most optimal control path to execute in real life.

Tackling the Climate Crisis.
Smart Cities Need Autonomous Buildings.

Buildings produce about 40% of all emissions. Reducing this impact requires that buildings manage energy better individually and together.

Automatically Optimized.
Human-Centric Buildings.

Buildings are designed for people, but their systems usually only control based on air temperature — just 20% of the information needed to fully define human comfort. PassiveLogic is the first platform that truly understands humans, leveraging physiological digital twins of occupants over multiple metrics that can be defined right on your smartphone.

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