Buildings are complicated

We keep it simple :)

Our mission is to make buildings work for you not the other way around.

PassiveLogic was founded to reimagine our relationship to the built environment — to streamline the complexity of the building life cycle while simultaneously addressing the largest climate and energy opportunity in the global economy. We see incredible potential to improve the effectiveness of buildings, from better comfort to better energy efficiency, by solving the problems of the installers who actually purchase and implement building controls.

Our platform meets the fundamental needs of engineers and technicians in the field, but we’ve included features for a much greater ecosystem of building professionals and occupants too. When you design a fully integrated system from the ground up, you get the chance to redefine the fundamental guiding principles and build value at every stage. At PassiveLogic, we take this opportunity seriously.

We aren’t settling for anything less than a revolution in the way we design, build, operate, manage, and maintain our buildings.